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Taco Tico Store F.A.Q.


When will my order ship?

Sauce is usually shipped within 48 hours by USPS. Taco meat  generally ships on Mondays or Tuesdays only. Most orders placed by 5:00pm on Sunday will ship the following Tuesday. Most items are packaged separately and you should receive a tracking number for each box. 

Why does shipping cost so much?

Shipping prices are calculated directly from the USPS and UPS websites. We do not add handling or any other charges. We ship all single gallon of sauce USPS for a flat rate to save you money. We are a small chain and do not  ship enough to get big discounts from UPS. 

How long will the meat stay frozen?

The taco meat is frozen and then packed into a styrofoam box with a 16oz frozen gel pack. Depending on the ambient air temperature during shipping, it should last a few days. 99% of orders are made with ground shipping that takes 2 days and there has never been a problem.   We recommend that  you check the USPS or UPS website to see how long shipping time is from area code 67201 to your destination. If shipping time is normally 2 days or less, you should be fine. However, there are no refunds. We guarantee that it will be frozen when it leaves our facility. Overnight shipping is recommended during checkout.

Can I buy items not listed on the website?

We currently don't sell the beans or have sauce packets or other items not listed on the website.

Can I purchase these items at my local restaurant?

The gift cards, sauce, and taco meat is available at the stores in the Wichita area. Clothing is only available online.

Is this the same Taco Tico from when I was a kid?

Taco Tico has been around since the 60's. Many things have changed through out the years, but we have striven to keep that authentic Taco Tico flavor accurate. This is the same products we currently serve in our restaurants. Most people are very happy with it, however we can't guarantee it will taste the same as you remember it.